One support base.

All the answers.

Support base software for lightning-fast customer

support and effortless self-service.

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Help more people faster

Encourage self-service so that your customers can solve their

problems anytime. Give your support teams a tool to

significantly decrease the total case handling time.

A knowledge base

for customers

Some people want to find answers on their own. Provide 24/7 self-service, and give your website visitors the answers they need, even with no support team around.

See more benefits for costumers

A knowledge base

for support teams

Your support teams don’t have to learn all the

answers by heart. They have Modal

to quickly look up the answers to customers’


See more benefits for costumers

Modal gives you

the best of both worlds

The customers’


Chances are that your customers try to answer their questions alone before they reach out to your support agents. Help them solve their problems at their own pace.

Self-service around

the clock

Help your customers find answers to their questions on their own. Anytime.

Improved knowledge


Give your customers more ways to find the information they need whenever they want to contact your business.

More organic traffic

Implement an SEO-friendly knowledge base and get more potential customers by ranking higher in search results.

Reduced workload for

support teams

Provide your customers with in-depth articles that will help them solve their problems without contacting your support team.

Provide 24/7 self-service

Answer more questions in less time

The agents’ world

It's ok not to have answers to every question. No one does, and your agents aren't encyclopedias. Modal has got them covered.

Quicker response time

Help your customer support teams to easily find the information they need when they don’t know the answer on the spot.

Consistent tone of voice

Stay on-brand and answer repeated questions in one style, regardless of who's on duty.

Prioritized tasks

Save your support team’s time and have them focus on more urgent tasks when customers are asking the same questions.

What we value a lot about Modal is the ability to ensure it is truly represented as our brand. Adding our name makes it feel like an integral part of our SaaS.

- Chris Lyle, GoLawHustle

Our customers want to learn more about video making techniques. With Modal, they can browse our resources at their own pace and solve their problems without contacting our customer support.

- Dar Holdsworth, ChiroDominance

What’s a support


Support base software helps you manage and share your team’s internal knowledge, and build a public help center for your customers.

On the one hand, a knowledge base gives your customers a hosted help center so they can find answers on their own before starting a chat or when your support team isn't around. On the other hand, it gives your support team a helping hand anytime they need to answer questions they don’t know the answer to on the spot.

Help your customers and support

teams at the same time

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